Library Arcade Project Timeline

Three phases (6 months each) over an 18 month period, 2006 – 2007

Process similar to a product design & launch


phase 1: six months — decide to make a game/team formation


March 2006


  • Buhl Grant for Information Literacy received


  • Dean of Libraries (CMU) contacts Director of ETC



  • Game design project to be led by Engineering & Science Library/Librarians


  • Donna Beck appointed as the CMU Libraries project team leader



  • Research on information literacy & games conducted


  • Games by ETC and other institutions explored



  • Goals/Objectives of game project discussed


  • Project description drafted



  • ETC fall semester project choices will include CMU Libraries Game



  • Game design will involve professionals and students from ETC working on the project


  • Project expected to begin at the start of the semester on August 28, 2006



phase 2: six months — team(s) design game



  • Donna Beck, Rachel Callison and Dan Hood form Library Team


  • Library Team meets with Charles Palmer and ETC students for first time



  • Focus and concepts for game discussed



  • ETC team presents their design document and ideas for game play


  • Learning objectives (ACRL) discussed & “creative stages” of the game begin



  • Dean of Libraries provided with project update


January 2007

  • Library Team members establish regular meetings with the ETC team members


  • ETC team names the project iLit and themselves as the iLit team


  • Library team shares web-based information tutorials with iLit team



phase III : six months — testing & marketing of game


March 2007

  • iLit team conducts a test of game with Library Team, CMU Library staff & students


  • Donna Beck attends ACRL conference session on information literacy games



  • iLit team sets up a table in Univ Center to solicit student feedback


  • Game(s) are tweaked based on feedback



  • Library team views final draft of video & games


  • iLit team presents their final project to ETC faculty



  • John Fudrow asked to join Library Team to assist with marketing efforts


  • iLit team struggles with developing 3rd game component; decision is made to not proceed at this time with this component



  • John Fudrow attends 1st ALA TechSource Symposium on Gaming, Learning, and Libraries


  • Library Team members meet and discuss marketing of game and procedures for acquiring & hosting game files



  • ETC provides CMU Libraries with game files


  • Game files are uploaded to CMU Libraries web server



Next steps…


September 2007






  • Brownbag @ CMU presentation


  • WPWV-ACRL Fall Meeting presentation



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  1. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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